Noisemaker Effects

Noisemaker Effects is a young pedal company from Missoula, Montana that is upping the ante to the traditional boutique pedal market, by creating *handmade* boutique pedals at a price that rivals foreign mass produced pedals. Matt from Noisemaker prides himself on making original sounds at a price anyone can afford:

"My line is unique because of the fact that I strive to make unique designs and to do so affordably. Most come about from me wanting a sound for my own use, which then gives me an opportunity to share that with customers. Sometimes it just comes down to doing something better as well - a good example of that is my Coldwar fuzz. It came about from my desire to have a Muff style fuzz that simply wasn’t a Muff, and corrected issues I personally had with the Big Muff. Since it’s release, I’ve had three separate customers inform me that it knocked their green Russian Big Muff off their board, as it simply did the job better. I attempt to get the most versatility out of a design as I can, as I like a customer to be able to use one of my pedals for a lot of things - not just as a one trick pony. 

Quality doesn't need to mean a $200 pedal, and real musicians simply can't afford to spend several thousand dollars on a decent sized board. I take pride in my work, and enjoy making my pedals entirely by hand. I've had piles of mass produced pedals over the years, and I've always aimed to make mine more durable and more reliable."

We couldn't agree more.