Some thoughts and new Caline DCP series is available

Before the pandemic began we were honestly thinking about shutting the business down as costs have gone up a lot in recent years and Amazon's squeeze has made it really hard to make any profit in online retail.

But luckily customers have been supportive and kind, and people have been reaching for music and guitars in this difficult time. More music is a good thing, a net plus in the universe. So thank you for all of you playing your song. That's all we're really here to do anyways.

P.S. Got the new DCP line from Caline in the store. 2 pedals in 1, in natural pedal combos to save space on pedalboards, wiring headaches, and money.

Written by Elliott Chen

- February 06, 2021

Coronavirus Supply Chain and New Realities

We've run out of stock on increasingly more of our pedals due to supply issues from China due to the quarantine issues there which have basically shut down factories across the board. Never thought something like this (and Trump tariffs which have killed our bottom line) would effect a small business like us, but we all live in a fragile interconnected world now. It's important to remember we are all humans trying to get through life, and something like the Coronavirus impacts every single one of us. There is no escape. There is no excuses. We are all one planet. One people.

Stay safe everyone! Stay away from crowds. Stay indoors. Play some guitar. Reflect on life. Pray for team human. It's gonna be a bumpy ride, but we got this.

Written by Cheaperpedals .com

- February 27, 2020

NEW Mooer Tone Capture GTR Pedal

Just got in a really insane pedal. The new Mooer Tone Capture pedal allows you to capture any guitar you have and save it's tone DNA into a pedal so you can change guitars without switching guitars! Live applications are obviously where this will be really valued. Just bring one guitar instead o 10. I never imagined such an insane day we guitars themselves can be modeled.

Written by Cheaperpedals .com

- November 27, 2019

6 Pedal Myths



I really recommend Joshua from JHS pedal's YouTube channel. He's a man that simply loves pedals and he isn't about hyping his own brand but educating and having fun. This particular video is one that is near and dear to my heart as I think there's a lot of BS that start in some internet forum then over years becomes sort of sacred pedal laws that simply are untrue. Many guitarists and bassists then start demanding these features and so it gets used as marketing material, and it becomes a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy of idiocy.

My general view is that with sound it's not like something visual where you're like "oh that's blue" and "oh that's a darker shade of blue with some orange thrown in" cut and dry. With sound, it's hard to be objective and many times we hear things that aren't there, our opinions or what we've read (the opinions of other people) color or perception, or our feelings and moods get in the way. This is good for some pedal manufacturer that's trying to sell you his $3000 exclusive edition Klon centaur but not so good for your wallet.

Watch the video below but here's the breakdown in short:

  1. True Bypass is better than buffered (It's not!)
  2. Boutique is better (definitely not)
  3. You can't copy that pedal (you can copy anything)
  4. Germanium is better (no it's not. It's just what they had lying around back then.)
  5. Through-hole is better than Surface Mount (NO!  Actually surface mount is often more reliable)
  6. Magic op-amps in ODs (It's really not that important)

Written by Cheaperpedals .com

- July 31, 2019

New Caline Pedals

Just added to the store some new pedals from Caline. Hand tested them this week and really liked their tones. Analog sounds and flexible controls. 

Wine Cellar Driver and DI Bass Drive pedal and DI for Bass

T-Drive Phase Phaser with fine grain controls not just a speed knob like the old MXR style

Reflector Tremolo Variable wave shape controls

So What Flanger BBD old style flanger

P5 Power true isolated power with no wall warts!

Written by Cheaperpedals .com

- July 11, 2019

New Joyo R series and D-seed

Just in for 2019, we have the new Joyo D-Seed II, a multi-delay with 3.5 min looper that's bound to be sold out soon. Get yours while we still have em'


We also have the new Joyo R-series which is Joyo's high end series of pedals including a Klon clone as well as cool high tech IR Loader, multi-modulation, delay and reverb. Check em' out. They're selling like hotcakes!




Written by Cheaperpedals .com

- February 20, 2019

Christmas and Shipping Times

We're well into the Christmas shopping crush and Santa and his elves here at Cheaperpedals wanted to let you know the various shipping times we offer (in the US). Generally the closer you are to California the faster the shipping times:

  • First Class (3-5 days) 
  • Priority Mail (2-3 days)
  • Priority International (Overnight if ordered by 1pm PST)

We do our best to ship immediately on the day of, and offer our best customer service so you and yours will be satisfied with your purchase. Please email us at with any questions!

Happy Holidays!


Written by Cheaperpedals .com

- December 12, 2018

New Shit & Life Lessons

Excuse the long absence between posts. I've been up to my ears in life events. I've learned this year that we need to stop listening to the worrying nattering whine of confusion and fear at 3AM. That voice is never productive. And it never has your best interest at heart. What's important is to listen to the music, those notes coming from your heart. That clear harmonic resonance that is you wanting to burst forth. It's quieter so that's why it's harder to hear. It takes balls to be beautiful.

Ok life lessons over. I'm here to sell pedals. We got some new cool stuff I want to tell you about.


Caline has a great combo Wah and Volume that makes me want to go back and be a college student with no money again:


There's also a Stereo Volume pedal that even has a boost function. And I just like the way it feels under my foot. It's smooth. Not creaky like a crybaby.


Mooer put out a Phase Player wah type foot pedal. It's weird yet oddly addicting. I really like it's 3rd mode. Some mean sounding filter effect that I'm sure has a technical sonic name. I just like it cause it sounds like steroids when you rock it on the high setting with some overdrive.


If you have any questions about life or pedals feel free to email anytime at!


Written by Cheaperpedals .com

- October 16, 2018

4 Reasons to Try Inexpensive Pedals

  1. Mass produced pedals are more reliable - This is a secret that boutique makers don't want you to know. The hand made stuff is more likely to go bad to human error like a badly soldered component. Mass producers have a huge incentive, time, and resources to invest in stream lining their production line, introducing quality control checks, and using methods that increase profit and consistency (and reduce defects). Typical defect rates are less than 1% for Joyo and Mooers for example. We know. We sell thousands of them.
  2. Just as good tone for a fraction for the price - What people pay for is a name. An Ibanez Tubescreamer is iconic. I get it. But with a million tubescreamer clones and mods on the market, it's easy to understand that there are cheaper if not better options. The pedal market is weird, it likes old out-of-date things and worships them. You wouldn't buy a first generation iPhone would you? Things get better with time generally.
  3. Save Money - Save all that money you would spend on a $150 vintage chorus pedal and pick up an honest to goodness analog one from us without all the rust and dings for less than $40 bucks. Spend that....a new guitar, or more pedals!
  4. Pedals are toys - They're not some holy grail. Jimi Hendrix dropped in Wah and fuzz to make things weird, make his guitar sound like a machine gun, mangle his guitar beyond recognition. He wasn't precious about them. And his were certainly not True Bypass. 

Written by Cheaperpedals .com

- August 23, 2018

Caline. Finally!

We're adding Caline's fine products to our pedal lineup!


Bear with us as we slowly put pedals up on the site in the next few days. But as an incentive, the pedals are on sale at low low prices to get customers to purchase and then leave reviews on the site!

Written by Cheaperpedals .com

- May 21, 2018