Here's the rundown of the original pedals Mooer pedals are based on. Though not exactly clones, Mooers are designed to sound and look very similar but at a fraction of the original price. I dunno about you but all those pedals get me excited...

Written by Wolf . — April 17, 2013



That repeater is based on the Line 6 Echo Park. Knowing that now, I may just have to snag one.

April 22 2015


FOG is a wooly mammoth clone

December 04 2015

Stefaan Vanhaute:

The funky monkey is more a clone of the micro Q-tron by EHX with the HP, BP and LP switch.

April 27 2016

Tony in NC:

I believe the Rage Machine is based on the Digitech Metal Master, not the Death Metal.

August 14 2016

Art Vandelay:

Didn’t the Neil Zaza video say that the Juicer was based off of the DOD Juicebox pedal?

October 20 2016

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