Just in! We know a lot of our customers are looking for new pedals, new sounds. We also know you don't want the best possible deal. Joyo delivers again to help you get the most out of your dollar. Fresh off the boat, here's two pedals to get excited about.


We have a limited supply of the new Joyo D-Seed Digital Delay, a really amazing digital pedal that has 4 different delays, tap tempo, and memory presets. This is the kind of pedal other companies would charge you $200 for. Get it at CheaperPedals for less than half the price.

We also have the Joyo JF-31 Noise Gate, which lots of customers have asked about. Joyo recently redesigned these to be quieter, so they were out of stock for a long time. If you suffer from audible loud hum from all the all those pedals blasting away in your signal chain, this pedal will put a kabosh on that so that when the song stops, so does your hum. 

Great pedals, great prices. That's what we're all about.



Written by Wolf . — October 02, 2013

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